7 Actors Who Decided To Leave The Bollywood Glamour Behind & Move On With Their Lives

7 Actors Who Decided To Leave The Bollywood Glamour Behind & Move On With Their Lives

October 27, 2023 0 By admin

Bollywood and its glitzy, glamorous is a tempting industry. After all, it gives you everything: fame, money, power, luxury. Once you break through the fort, it is highly unlikely that someone would want to get out. However, that is not the case for all actors.

Here’s why 7 of these actors made the controversial decision to quit B-town:

1. Imran Khan

Khan joined the industry at the age of five, and was an instant success after delivering the hit Bollywood project Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na in 2008. But after his last film, Katti Batti in 2015, he disappeared from the public eye and quit acting. In 2014 he did an AMA session on Reddit where he answered various questions about nepotism, Bollywood parties and what made him consider leaving. According to the Hindustan Times report, one Reddit user asked him how he feels when he occasionally sees himself on TV or on the internet, and Imran answered: “I don’t watch TV… I’ve worked hard to avoid living in the ‘Bollywood Bubble’, eating, breathing and living movies. It can get very suffocating.” Imran’s friend Akshay Oberoi confirmed that the actor had big goodbye to the acting world for good. He further added that Imran might prefer directing movies.

2. Amrita Rao

Amrita Rao quickly became a household name after her role in Vivah. As her career was at an all-time high, she fell in love and soon tied the knot with her now-husband RJ Anmol. However, the audience was taken aback as Rao disappeared from the film industry quickly after. When asked if RJ Anmol had urged her to leave the film industry, Amrita told the Times of India in an interview, “That’s true. Anmol could tell I was turning down big movie roles because I wasn’t comfortable doing kissing scenes and lovemaking sequences on camera. As a result, he decided that now was the time to focus on developing a wonderful personal life and tying the marriage. He did ask me to leave my job, and I was utterly devastated. However, after a few days, he informed me that, in retrospect, his demand was ridiculous and that he was sorry.”

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