8 Actresses Who Talked About Bollywood Being An Unsafe Place To Work

8 Actresses Who Talked About Bollywood Being An Unsafe Place To Work

December 6, 2023 0 By admin

The film industry is a large family of creative individuals that collaborate to create original stories. That is the dream of many individuals as well. Bollywood is all about glitz and visibility, but there are other concerns, such as a dangerous workplace for women, that are not always brought up.

Red carpets, accolades, celebrity friendships, and million-dollar salaries make it easy to believe that acting is one of the best careers out there—as long as you can succeed in it. What work could be simpler with stunt doubles, special effects teams, and bodyguards on standby to keep things safe, plus the filmmaker and the public expect you to act for a few months at least?

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Sadly, that’s not the full tale!

While we are always focused on the glamorous side of the film industry, we should also know how it can be. And I am not saying this, but many big names from the industry itself say this occasionally.

So, let’s find out more about some of these names:

1. Swara Bhaskar

The actress spoke candidly during a panel discussion about being mistreated by a director. She even said that because we’re accustomed to brushing off “certain behavioural patterns,” it took her years to recognize or identify that it constituted workplace harassment. She said,

“I would just tell myself that this director is being… whatever, but that is not the truth. The director was not being an idiot or an ass, he was being a predator.”

Swara Bhasker/Instagram

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2. Richa Chadha

Richa Chadha is one of those actresses who openly addressed a variety of topics, including casting couches and casual misogyny. She spoke candidly about being “suggestively” asked out to dinner and then being persuaded to go after she declined.

The actress also claimed that she had to cope with these scenarios even after she had established herself as an actor and the person making the approaches was more powerful.


Richa Chadha/Instagram

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3. Kalki Koechlin

The actress has spoken about sexual assault in Bollywood and how people overlook women who are just starting out or are having difficulty breaking through. She continued by saying that many women decide against speaking up since doing so may jeopardise their online jobs. She said,

“People don’t listen to you if you’re a nobody. If you’re a celebrity and you talk about it, it only becomes a shocking headline.”


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4. Prachi Desai

Prachi Desai recounted a story of being approached for sexual favours in exchange for a position in a “major film.” Even after the actress declined the role, the director continued to call her. She had said that the approaches were overt in her circumstances.

Prachi Desai/Instagram

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5. Chitrangda Singh

Because of an unpleasant experience on the sets, the actress quit working on the 2016 movie Babumoshai Bandookbaaz. Chitrangda Singh spoke candidly about how the filmmaker compelled her to play in intimate scenes that weren’t necessary and didn’t fit her character.

Chitrangda Singh/Instagram

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6. Tisca Chopra

In a storytelling discussion with Kommune India, Tisca Chopra discussed her experiences on the casting couch. She described how a filmmaker she was collaborating with invited her to his hotel room under the guise of discussing the screenplay but did not really want to do so. But she actually had to think of a strategy to get out of it.

Tisca Chopra/Instagram

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7. Aahana Kumra

Many actresses spoke up about abusive occurrences in the film business as the #MeToo movement gained traction in Bollywood. Aahana Kumra also discussed how she dealt with it when she met with director Sajid Khan and was taken to his room and questioned awkwardly.

The actress had previously spoken to Anirban Blah about a different event, and he had recommended “discussing negotiations” in a hotel room.

Aahana S Kumra/Instagram

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8. Mallika Sherawat

The actress went into detail about why she wasn’t working enough in an interview. She added that everybody, even actors, anticipates “compromise” from actresses. This implied that she should have complete authority over them, which had an effect on her career once she rejected such advances. She said,

“If the hero calls you at 3 AM and says, “Come to my house”, you have to go, if you are in that circle and if you are doing that film. If you don’t go, then you are out of the film.”


It is simpler to bring up problems when there is a mechanism in place for transparency, and everyone deserves a safe and healthy workplace.

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