6 Recent Superhit Bollywood Movies That Massively Divided The Audience

6 Recent Superhit Bollywood Movies That Massively Divided The Audience

December 14, 2023 0 By admin

Bollywood is a fascinating world full of movies that often become talking points, igniting discussions and debates among audiences. Recently, there have been some films that took this to a whole new level, leaving people completely divided in their opinions.

These movies dared to go beyond the usual, exploring unique themes and narratives that weren’t always conventional. They shook things up by challenging societal norms and delivering stories that made people either love or vehemently dislike them.

Today, we’re diving into six such recent Bollywood films that have managed to capture attention by splitting audiences right down the middle. These movies didn’t just entertain; they sparked conversations, arguments, and sometimes even controversies, leaving a lasting impact on everyone who watched them.


Ranbir Kapoor’s recent movie, ‘Animal,’ massively divided audiences, as many believed that it was a boring, stretched, toxic, and misogynistic saga that should have never been made. However, many felt the movie was a masterpiece and the best in Ranbir’s career.

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The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story turned out to be a huge hit, but it left the audience massively divided. The movie follows the journey of an innocent Hindu woman from Kerala, allegedly brainwashed by Islamic friends, resulting in her conversion. Sent to the ISIS Terrorist Organisation, her life changes forever. Despite earning well at the box office, the film sparked controversy. While some praised the bold subject matter and urged others to watch it without religious sentiments, others deemed it a propaganda film.


Deepika Padukone’s Gehraiyan left the audience divided. While many appreciated the film for addressing complex human relationships, others saw it as a shameless attempt to promote infidelity. Some hailed it as a work of art, while many criticized its slow pace and plot.

Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar

Another movie that caused division among the audience was Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar.’ While many criticized it for being toxic, sexist, and patriarchal, some found enjoyment in the movie.

The Kashmir Files

The Kashmir Files, a recent Bollywood movie, earned massive collections at the box office but also left the audience deeply divided. Centering around the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from Indian-administered Kashmir in the 1990s, it depicts the events as a genocide. While many praised it as courageous and inspiring, others accused the makers of propagating Islamophobia.

Kabir Singh

Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh, similar to Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Animal,’ deeply divided the audience. Vanga’s directorial promoted misogyny and toxicity in the name of love, leaving viewers divided. While many criticized Vanga for regressive themes, others loved the movie.

Screengrab from Kabir Singh
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