Subir Rana on playing a pampered and carefree millennial in ‘Dosti Anokhi’

February 16, 2022 0 By admin

Subir Rana on playing a pampered and carefree millennial in 'Dosti Anokhi'

‘Hamari Wali Good News’ actor Subir Rana’s entry as Purvi’s(played by actress Ismeet Kohli) love interest Babu Tripathi has added more drama to the show ‘Dosti Anokhi’.

The actor briefs about his role, saying: “To me right now, the most appealing part about acting is the fact that I get to live different lives without actually having to face the consequences. While auditioning for Babu, I had a strong feeling that I’ll get the part. It’s interesting yet challenging to play someone you’re not. Babu’s personality is very different from mine yet there’s something so relatable which I’m still trying to explore. ”


Hailing from Varanasi, Babu is a carefree and a pampered millennial who loves being the center of attention and is in a relationship with Purvi.

He continues sharing how he is enjoying playing this character and also appreciates the show for its distinct storyline.

“I am quite fascinated by Babu’s life. I enjoy playing Babu as much as Babu enjoys life. Unlike some usual humdrum dramas on TV, the touching narrative of ‘Dosti Anokhi’ will probably refresh your mind. Things are mostly exciting on set. Especially when Ismeet’s around. She’s fun. Rest with the entire team of the show, it doesn’t feel like I’m shooting for the first time,” he concludes.

‘Dosti Anokhi’ which is all about a retired government employee Jagannath Mishra (Rajendra Gupta) struggling to cope with his lost sense of life’s purpose. But when a young Purvi (Ismeet Kohli) enters the life of Jagannath and his wife Kusum (Sushmita Mukherjee), suddenly their life changes in an unexpected way.

It airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

Source: IANS