11 Secrets About Deepika & Ranveer Revealed In The Episode Of Koffee With Karan 8

11 Secrets About Deepika & Ranveer Revealed In The Episode Of Koffee With Karan 8

November 26, 2023 0 By admin

For those who love Bollywood gossip, there is no better show for them than Koffee With Karan. Karan Johar hosts the popular talk show where renowned celebrities sit on the couch and answer Karan’s questions. The show got some backlash as the audiences thought the questions asked were sometimes too personal and led to rumors but the new season is getting all positive responses from the viewers. The talk show just started off its eighth season, Koffee With Karan 8 with its first episode featuring the ‘IT’ Bollywood couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh opened season eight of Koffee With Karan on 26 October 2023. This is their first-ever appearance together as a couple on a talk show and they touched everyone’s heart with their hearty conversations. DeepVeer fans were surprised with lots of secrets and their wedding video was a bonus.

Wedding video now? Yes, five years after their marriage they released their wedding video for the first time to the world. There is so much more that happened on the first episode of Koffee With Karan 8.

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Here are  secrets we discovered about Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s romance, marriage, and lives on Koffee With Karan 8:

1. Moment of spark

Ranveer spoke about his first meeting with Deepika during the making of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela, he revealed that he was stunned by Deepika, and they shared a ‘moment of spark’ for the first time.

2. They kept coming back to each other

After Karan asked when they started dating after they first met each other, Ranveer said,

“The next day”

To which Deepika added,

“There was no gap.”

Deepika was single when she met Ranveer and Ranveer just came out of a relationship. She shared that at that time she did not want to be attached to anyone as she went through a few difficult relationships previously. She also revealed that even after they started dating each other, “there was no real commitment as such” until they got engaged.

Deepika said that though they were “technically allowed” to date other people, they “would just keep coming back to each other.” She said,

“I did meet other people, but I wasn’t interested or excited by anyone else that I was seeing. In my mind, I was committed to him. So I would meet other people but at the back of my head, it was like, I am going back to him.”


3. Deepika and Ranveer were secretly engaged for 3 years before their marriage in 2018

In 2012, during the filming of Ram Leela, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh started dating. On the show, Ranveer revealed on the couch that they were privately engaged for three years before their marriage that happened in 2018. Host Karan Johar was quite startled to hear that, which makes it clear that not many people knew about their secret engagement in 2015. Ranveer said,

“I proposed in 2015, and we were secretly engaged for three years”


4. Ranveer disclosed on being asked that Deepika’s engagement ring was beyond his resources at the time he proposed

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone went on a holiday together in Maldives in 2015. Ranveer revealed that he bought an engagement ring before leaving for the vacation. He also mentioned that it was beyond his means at the time. Ranveer proposed to Deepika there. When he was asked by Karan Johar whether it was a diamond ring, he replied:

“Yes sir. Beyond my resources at the time, perhaps, but even so, a very impressive one.”

He also added that his mother and sister also helped him pick the ring.


5. The wedding video

On November 14, 2018, Deepika and Ranveer tied the knot and after five years they revealed their wedding video on Koffee With Karan. The video took no time to get viral on the internet. We are sure Deepveer fans have become very emotional after watching this video they might have wanted to see for so long. Karan Johar also looked emotional while he was watching the video for the first time. The warm video touched everyone’s hearts.

The video had some adorable moments of Ranveer and Deepika from the time of their wedding festivities.

6. Deepika revealed what she likes the most about Ranveer

In their wedding video, Ranveer can be seen crying at one moment. Deepika revealed what attracted her the most about Ranveer was the fact that he was okay with being vulnerable and that he could cry. She said that most people don’t see the emotional and intelligent side of Ranveer and she is attracted to that.

7. Deepika’s mother’s reaction to her engagement

After Ranveer’s proposal, the couple revealed that they flew down to Bangalore to meet Deepika’s family, who had no clue that she was engaged to Ranveer. When she broke the engagement news during a dinner with family and close friends, they were clearly shocked.

After the dinner, Deepika’s mother Ujjala expressed her concerns to her daughter once they came back home. Deepika’s mom asked,

“Who is this guy? He’s proposed marriage and you have said yes also?”

It took her mother many years to accept Ranveer wholeheartedly, but now he is one of her “favourite” persons.


8. Deepika spoke about her battle with depression

Deepika shared her episode from when she was suffering from depression. She disclosed that it all started in 2014 and she would just repeatedly cry at times. During that phase Ranveer created a safe space for her to just open up, he didn’t show any red flags, he even called her family to stay with her from Bangalore. Deepika said that he was very patient despite the fact that he didn’t understand it at that point in time.


9. Ranveer Singh on dealing with failure

Ranveer Singh opened up about struggling with failure in the film industry. He said that he felt “not good” after a series of flops at the box office. It started with his film 83. He said,

“Let me take you back to the pandemic. Coming out of the pandemic, we had this lovely film 83 (2021) which everybody loved. It just released at the wrong time. 48 hours before the release, we lost key markets because they all shut down due to Omicron. Unfortunately, a lovely film had the stigma of being a commercial underperformer”

83 at the box office was followed by flops Jayeshbhai Jordaar and Cirkus. Ranveer said,

“I had not seen three major flops in a row. So, it was new to me and I wasn’t at my best, especially three months after Cirkus”

10. Deepika once told Ranveer he is ‘underconfident’

Ranveer Singh has dimmed his flamboyant dressing style to a great extent, one of the reasons being his wife Deepika’s insight. Deepika once said,

 “You come off as supremely confident, but you are under-confident. Stop distracting people from who you are with all these flashy clothes”

Deepika also admitted that he did not want his flashy dressing sense to become the one thing that defines him as a person.


11. ​Sangam remake​ with Ranbir Kapoor

Karan Johar revealed on the show that he plans to remake Sangam with Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, and Deepika Padukone. And he is still considering making it with this cast. The ‘Sangam’ movie originally starred Rajendra Kumar, Raj Kapoor, and Vyjayanthimala.

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