Bigg Boss 17: Nazila Claims Munawar Faruqui Cheated on Her With ‘Many Girls’, Says ‘It’s a Shame…’

Bigg Boss 17: Nazila Claims Munawar Faruqui Cheated on Her With ‘Many Girls’, Says ‘It’s a Shame…’

December 19, 2023 0 By admin

Drama in the Bigg Boss house! Munawar Faruqui’s ex, Nazila, exposed him after new contestant Ayesha claimed they were dating. Nazila revealed she had no clue about Ayesha and accused Munawar of seeing “many other girls,” throwing his past relationships into question. Is Munawar playing a double game on and off the screen?

Nazila Sitanshi: “A Lot of Other Girls Were Involved Too”

“I was not aware of Ayesha and Munawar being together, I was being told a completely different story and I was made to believe that I was the only person in his life, I was the only female he was in love with but it was not true and there were a lot of other girls involved that I don’t want to talk about,” Nazila said.

“If Ayesha was the only person involved in this I would consider forgiving but she isn’t. I wish people knew what went down off-camera, clearly they don’t and I want people to stop paying attention. After watching today’s episode, I have nothing to do with Munawar,” she added.

During the live session, Nazila also broke her ties with Munawar Faruqui and shared that she does not want to talk about him ever again. “I remained silent because I wanted to see what he had to say and how he justified this whole thing. It was just a bunch of lies and I am not satisfied with all this. I don’t need to justify to anybody over here and I did not even want to come on live but things have gone to such an extent that I had to come live and put my side of the story out there for once. This is my truth and I don’t need to prove it to anyone. This is the last time I am speaking about this. I am never going to acknowledge this in my life. I don’t have to do anything with this person or situation,” she said.

“It is a shame that these things have become public. People are talking about it publicly and are making fun of my personal life, things that they know nothing about, abusing me in comments and on twitter, and fake videos. I don’t enjoy this at all,” Nazila added.