The Meaning And Story Behind Animal Song ‘Arjan Vailly’ That Was Praised By Diljit Dosanjh

The Meaning And Story Behind Animal Song ‘Arjan Vailly’ That Was Praised By Diljit Dosanjh

November 28, 2023 0 By admin

In the voice of Bhupinder Babbal, song Arjan Vailly from Sandeep Reddy Vanga movie Animal is making quite a lot of noise. Do you the meaning and ths story behind the song that featured Ranbir Kapoor and has been praised by Diljit Dosanjh, who quoted a line “Arjan Vailly ne Pair Jod Ke Gandasi Maari” from the song as he shared the film’s teaser.

The story behind Animal song Arjan Vailly

The song is made on Dhadi-Vaar music, which was sung by Guru Gobind Singh while fighting the Mughals to instill courage in his people. It was like a war cry.

The song was originally sung by Kuldeep Manak and is based on Arjan Singh Nalva also known as Arjan Vailly, the son of Hari Singh Nalwa, who was the was Commander-in-chief of the Sikh Khalsa Fauj in 18th century, the army of the Sikh Empire. Hari Singh was also called Baagh Maar, as once he killed the tiger who attacked him and killed his horsed by using a dagger while fending off blows with a shield.

Who was Arjan Singh Nalva?


Hailing from the village of Kaunke near Jagroan, which is near the present-day Ludhiana, Punjab, Arjan Singh Nalva along with his brother Jawahir Singh Nalwa valiantly fought against the sovereignty of the Sikh State against the advancing British expansionism, following the death of his father Hhari Singh.

What is the meaning of Animal song Arjan Vailly?

The first line of the song “Ho Khade Vich Dang Khadke, Othe Ho Gayi Ladayi Bhari” means there’s a big fight going on in the crowd.

The meaning of the most popular line from the song Arjan Vailly “Arjan Vailly ne Pair Jod Ke Gandasi Maari” is Arjan Vailly hit the axe by joining his feet with full force.


Takuye gandanse chaviya Kehte khadak paiyan kirpana – all weapons including the kirpana were used in the fight, they say

Oh Sana Wangu Jatt Bhirhde, Sakhi Sukh Na Disse Bhagwana – the Jatts are fighting like oxes and there’s no sign of peace

O Leero Leer Ho Jaugi, Kehnde Bachno Di Phulkari – The fight is so intense that no one will be spared. It is feared that Bachno’s dupatta will be ripped to shreds

Mundiyan De Singg Fass Gaye, Ve Koi Nitroo Vadenve Khani   Singhs are fighting like bulls and their horns are entangled. Nnow, only the worthy opponenent will prevail

Dharti de khoon dhooleya ve Jiveh tidhke kade jo paani – The blood is flowing like water from a broken pot


O Shera wangu yaar kadke Pehli yaar se jinneh de yaari – Their friends meanwhile are standing by their side like lions

Ho chaaron passe raula pe gaya jado maareya gandasa hath jod ke – When hit the axe with his hands together with full force, it causes an uproar among people

Khoon de tarale chal de Thaale set leni tona nu marod ke – The blood is pouring out like a waterfall as he grabs his opponents with throat and twists them


Sher jeha rohb jatt da Thalle rakh da police sarkaari – He is unafraid like a lion and keeps the Police and government under his feet

The song the father-son relationship. Arjan Vailly is being referred as a metaphor for Ranbir Kapoor’s character who is seen in bloodied shirt carrying axe in his hands and apparently killing people for his father.

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