10 Bollywood Movie Franchises That Should Stop Making Sequels

10 Bollywood Movie Franchises That Should Stop Making Sequels

November 21, 2023 0 By admin

Sequels in the world of Bollywood often carry forward the legacy of successful films, aiming to captivate audiences with familiar stories, characters, and themes. While some movie franchises have managed to sustain the magic across multiple installments, there are instances where the narrative quality dwindles, leaving audiences underwhelmed and yearning for the original spark that ignited their love for the franchise.



Here are Bollywood movie franchises that have reached a point where creating further sequels might jeopardize the essence of the original storylines. These films, once celebrated for their innovation and entertainment value, now stand at a precarious crossroads, where the continuation of their sequels could potentially dilute the charm and significance of the initial narratives.

1. Housefull


After the massive failure of Housefull 4 and severe criticism for its regressive and sexist scripts and dialogues, we hope that Akshay Kumar and the crew won’t return with another sequel. Considering Akshay Kumar’s career downturn, it would be better for him to be part of something new and progressive rather than regressive sequels.

2. Gadar


While Gadar 2 performed well at the box office, it lacked innovation. Reports hint at a potential sequel, but we hope the team reflects on this and avoids producing another installment lacking innovation. We believe the makers should avoid ruining the original with disappointing sequels.

3. Dabangg


Despite the Dabangg series’ box office success, the film’s plot and Salman’s character made little sense, causing headaches for many viewers. With declining quality across sequels, we strongly believe the world doesn’t need further installments.

4. Tiger Series


Once a successful franchise, the Tiger Series is losing its allure due to repetitive narratives and action sequences. Following the disappointment of Tiger 3 in matching its predecessors’ magic, we hope the makers won’t produce another sequel to tarnish the essence of the original.


5. Love Aaj Kal


This Imtiaz Ali directorial starring Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan severely disappointed audiences. Hopes for a brilliant sequel akin to the original were dashed, leaving many of us feeling regretful for wasting our time and money.

6. Student of the Year


After Student of the Year 2 failed to impress the audience, we hope Karan Johar won’t create another senseless sequel to torment audiences.

7. Baaghi & Heropanti


After the audience’s rejection of sequels to Baaghi and Heropanti, we hope Tiger Shroff and the makers refrain from producing such low-quality movies.

9. Race 3


Salman Khan’s Race 3 disappointed fans despite earning ₹276 crores worldwide with its below-average storyline. In a content-rich era, interest in a sequel seems unlikely. We hope Sallu Bhai’s stardom won’t lead to more sequels in the Race series.

10. Golmaal Again

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Rohit Shetty’s film entertained many with its nonsensical yet captivating humor. However, the series’ storylines have become bizarre and repetitive, and we hope the makers will cease creating any further sequels.