Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2021 Upcoming Story: Rishabh to congratulate Preeta?

September 18, 2021 0 By admin

Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya has been around for quite a while presently and it was a group of people top pick consistently. Presently, Sonakshi needs Karan so it will be fascinating to watch that what going to occur later on episodes.

Prior it’s seen that, Prithvi put a kiss on Sherlyn’s cheek. She requested that he not upset her since she is contemplating Sonakshi. He revealed to her that not every person is trouble maker like the last mentioned and she glared him. She disclosed to him that Sonakshi isn’t guiltless like how she depicts herself. He got annoyed and left from that point. In the interim Preeta disclosed to Karan that Yash remove all binds with Sonakshi as a result of them. She faulted herself for Sonakshi’s mishap. He guaranteed her that it was not her error and requested that she quit believing that she is liable for Sonakshi’s mishap. Then, at that point he argued her to quit examining about Sonakshi and he embraced her.

Sonakshi broke Karan and Preeta’s photograph outline. Srishti got some information about Sonakshi. Sarla disclosed to her that she felt Sonakshi’s tears were phony for Pihu. Pihu got back from school and offered inflatable to Preeta saying that Sonakshi offered it to her. Sherlyn insulted Sonakshi and requested reality from her. Sonakshi disclosed to her that she saved Karan for Preeta. Sherlyn would not trust her. Sonakshi disengaged Yash’s call and left from that point in her wheelchair.

In the upcoming episode, Yash will say to Sonakshi that he will carry Pihu to her. She will disclose to him that she needs Karan in light of the fact that she cherishes him. Opposite side, Rishabh will salute Preeta for turning into a mother. Karan will reveal to him that the last didn’t compliment him.

What is Sonakshi’s accurate arrangement? Will Sherlyn uncover Sonakshi?

This load of inquiries will be replied in the upcoming episodes.